by This Cold Night

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Do we share a never-ending dream? Do I exist in your reality? It's unfair that I suffer you when you don't have to suffer me Now that the world has come undone, the truth turn towards fiction Now I feel like the crazy one, maybe I have just become older? One day, somewhere along the way, things changed for me Now I'm wondering… wondering how to survive in a world out of phase by ninety degrees Oh oh Oh oh Oh oh Oh oh It's hard to be a romantic when your exhausted Now I'm wondering… wondering how to survive in a world out of phase by ninety degrees
Honey boy, now I can dream again You are the changing of the seasons You give me reason to go on Hope and joy Words I start to understand You know those thoughts don't come too easy for a mind that's nearly… Gone are the leaves from the trees The wind carries a chill Denver in moonlight The mountains paint the skyline Denver in November Denver in November's high


A full length LP will release in the coming months. I can't be more specific because timing is out of my hands └(・。・)┘
In 2022, I'm relocating to WASHINGTON and will begin rehearsal for a LIVE album, and TOUR.
LIFE HAS NOT BEEN SO GOOD AS OF LATE... but it may get better? STAY LIVING. I plan to, at least.


released December 23, 2021

Album dedicated to Joey A-H
and YOU
Written and record by Chase
Mixed by Jordan Koop
Mastering by Camilo Silva F




This Cold Night Vancouver, Washington

I do not exist on social media and neither should you.


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