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Am I a part of my creation or am I human? How do you perceive me?
This is a song from a self-titled LP that doesn't yet exist. I'm writing and recording it right now, as you read this, and I don't know when I'll finish.

During this process:
- SIX songs will be released as I make them -- like this track
- SIX songs will be withheld for the self-titled LP
- SIX audio tracks will feature some sort of bonus content, whether it be a recorded call between myself and my wireless provider, a two hour drunk-improvised solo shaker session, or some demos or instrumentals

Since the LP is self-titled, the cover art of each single will feature a self-portrait.

Self-released vinyl. Do I sound like a narcissist yet or someone independent?

That's the plan for now at least, who knows what will happen? Do you? Well... do you??

chase / tcn


this is only a test
or perhaps it's testimony?
no, this is a test
or maybe it's a manifestation
for a moment in time i felt real, enough
i felt flesh wound around my bones
and skin
underneath which i saw my blood moving to distant rhythms
only now that i have lived do i have memories of this world
this is only a test
or perhaps it's testimony?
no, this is a test
or maybe i'm a manifestation


released September 23, 2023
written and recorded by Chase M
mixed by Jordan Koop
mastered by Carl Saff
you should consider expressing yourself, possibly by making your own music




This Cold Night Vancouver, Washington

I do not exist on social media and neither should you.


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